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PCFGA Legislative Report – 2015-07-10

  • Recent News

    • 6/25 The legislative session in Albany ended a week late. For the first time since passage of the unSAFE Act, the Republican-controlled Senate had a real opportunity to push for repeal by tying it to the must-pass NYC rent control renewal. A bill A8215-2015 was introduced in the Assembly by Pete Lopez to do exactly that. Unfortunately, not ONE of the so-called “pro-gun” Republicans would sponsor the bill into the Senate, despite tremendous pressure from their constituents to do so. Each and every one of them voted FOR continuing to compromise away your rights, in the final “big ugly” rent control bill S6012-2015.

    • 7/6 & 6/15 Our neighbors in the City of Poughkeepsie continue to face an anti-gun “safe storage” ordinance. It is important that we continue to show up and express our displeasure whenever these anti-gun proposals are brought forward, because this anti-gun effort is now spreading all over NYS (Newburgh and Albany are the latest).

      • Thanks to the PCFGA members who attended on June 15. After the formal presentation by Jackie Emslie on behalf of Dutchess County SCOPE on June 15, Joe Rich, the anti-gun Councilman representing the City’s Second Ward came unglued, and began shouting at Poughkeepsie residents that they should SHUT UP. The video of this outburst went viral with over 166,000 views, and was picked up by local and national media, including the Poughkeepsie Journal, WPDH, The Blaze (Glenn Beck), and Fox News.

      • Thanks to the PCFGA members who attended on July 6 in opposition to the NYAGV presentation. The current rumor is that we have swung enough votes to potentially uphold a veto. Keep up the pressure!

    • 7/10 The Memorandum of Understanding released today between Flanagan and the Cuomo administration regarding an agreement that the failed ammunition database mandated by the unSAFE Act has failed, is only smoke and mirrors to provide cover for the Senate republicans while they accomplish nothing:

      • Second Amendment advocates like Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay, meanwhile, reacted to the news by saying the MOU has little practical impact. “The MOU therefore has all the significance of the Governor and Mr. Flanagan announcing that tomorrow the sun will rise in the East,” Nojay said. “We all knew that, it was going to happen anyhow and taking credit for it is political grandstanding.”

  • Coming Events

    • NYSRPA 144th Annual Meeting of Members/Convention – Sunday July 12th, 2015, 9AM-5PM, Mid-Hudson Valley Civic Center, 14 Civic Center Plaza, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. $5 NYSRPA members, $25 non-members (includes a one year NYSRPA membership), 12 and under free.

Respectfully submitted,

Nicholas S. Castellano

PCFGA Legislative Report – 2015-02-06

2015-02-06 PCFGA Legislative

  • Recent News
    • Tom King, President of NYSRPA and NRA Director, has endorsed Joseph P. DeBergalis for re-election to the NRA Board of Directors. DeBergalis has been selected by the NRA Nominating Committee and is currently serving as Vice President of NYSRPA.
    • NYSRPA Legislative Report #3 is now online:
    • NYSRPA lost its case in the US District Court Southern District of New York, challenging NYC premises permit restrictions, such as the inability to transport a handgun to a second residence outside the city. They are reviewing the ruling and considering their options.
    • There is no decision yet from the 2nd Circuit Court in the NYSRPA case against the unSAFE Act.
    • NYSPRA LDF Raffle:
    • Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is under Federal investigation and has stepped down as speaker. He has been replaced by Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie. It is reported by Capital New York that Heastie has steered hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to his campaign contributors. Additionally, his donors include individuals with business before the committee he chairs and supporters of bills that he has introduced. His campaign expenditures include international plane tickets and over $60,000 in unitemized expenses. You can expect that little real change will occur in the Assembly under Heastie’s regime.
    • NYAGV has appointed Alexandra Dubroff as Regional Coordinator for the Hudson Valley. Dubroff spearheaded the “Moms Demand Action” attack against the Putnam County Legislature at the Historic Courthouse in April 2013. Many of you attended our counter-protest in solidarity with the Legislature’s stance against the unSAFE Act.
  • Legislative News
    • S511-2015: Sue Serino (SD41) is a co-sponsor of Nozzolio’s full repeal bill (leaving Mark’s Law intact)
    • A2651-2015: Assemblyman Katz has introduced a “same as” companion bill to Senator Marchione’s S1476-2015 full repeal bill, as promised. Katz is also a co-sponsor of A3943-2015, the companion to Marchione’s other full repeal bill (S1193-2015).
    • Action Items
      • Contact your State Senator and ask them to co-sponsor S511, S1193, S1476 (thank Sue Serino for co-sponsoring S511).
      • Contact your Assembly representative and ask them to sponsor or co-sponsor an Assembly companion bill to S511.
      • Contact your Assembly representative and ask them co-sponsor A2651 and A3943 (Thank Steve Katz for already supporting both of these bills).
      • Sign the petition supporting this repeal bill: